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Texas State CAMCO Bylaws

Texas State Cancer Advocacy Movement for Colleges and Outreach (CAMCO)

 Faculty and Staff Organization

Saving Lives through Education and Prevention


Revised and Approved on 26 January 2011


I. Name

The name of the organization is Texas State Cancer Advocacy Movement for Colleges and Outreach Faculty and Staff Organization (Texas State CAMCO).

II. Vision
Texas State University-San Marcos students, staff, faculty, and the surrounding communities will lead the nation in being educated about the most current and critical information regarding cancer prevention, early detection, and outreach; in making permanent lifestyle changes to prevent cancer; and in working to reduce cancer health disparities.

III. Mission

To provide effective leadership in establishing, coordinating, and sustaining a Texas State University-San Marcos collaboration among students, staff, faculty, and surrounding communities that educates and disseminates the most current and critical information about cancer prevention and early detection to the largest number of students, staff, faculty, and community members as possible, enables them to make permanent lifestyle changes to prevent cancer, provides outreach to help those stricken with cancer, and reduces cancer health disparities.

IV. Responsibilities and Objectives

The Texas State CAMCO develops, maintains, and implements standard operating procedures; appoints committees as necessary to accomplish its work; distributes minutes to its members; and follows the policies of the Texas State University System Board of Regents and Texas State University-San Marcos.

V. Membership

Membership is open to employees of Texas State University-San Marcos; residents of its surrounding communities; members of any public, nonprofit, or private firm that focuses on cancer education, prevention, outreach, or treatment; and student representatives of the Texas State Cancer Advocacy Movement for Colleges Outreach Student Organization (CAMCOSO).  Unless a Texas State staff member's CAMCO work is a part of her or his Texas State job description, all members—students, staff, and faculty—of CAMCO volunteer their work on their own personal time, including Texas State staff members' work week during lunch hours, work breaks, and after work hours in the evening and during weekends and vacation time.

VI. Organization

A. Texas CAMCO Leadership Composition.

1.  a. The Texas State CAMCO Executive Committee consists:  1) Chair, 2) Campus Coordinator, 3) Community Coordinator, 4) Secretary, and 5) Board of Directors.  The CAMCO Council elects its officers to serve for no more than two consecutive two-year terms.  Terms of office begin on September 1 of each year.  All officers are elected from the membership of the Texas State CAMCO Council at its May meeting.

      b. The elected positions of Webmaster and Newsletter Editor each have two-year terms.

      c. The advisor for the Cancer Advocacy Movement for Colleges and Outreach Student Organization (CAMCOSO) is appointed by the CAMCO Executive Committee.

     d. The Texas State CAMCO Council consists of the chairs and co-chairs of the Texas State CAMCO committees, each having one-year terms. 

      2. Duties of the Executive Committee and Council.

      a. The Executive Committee exercises supervision over the affairs of the Texas State CAMCO and performs its duties as specified in these Bylaws. The Executive Committee assists in implementing the actions of the Council. The Executive Committee must make an annual report of Texas State CAMCO activities to the Council prior to September 1.  Other than the elections, the Executive Committee may conduct Texas State CAMCO business throughout the year. 

     b. The Chair presides at meetings of the Council and the Executive Committee; serves as an ex officio member of Texas State CAMCO committees; acts as a teller in secret ballots; and performs all duties inherent in the office as directed by the Texas State CAMCO.  

     c. The Campus Coordinator leads the Texas State CAMCO in its campus activities and serves as a liaison with the campus community.

     d. The Community Coordinator leads the Texas State CAMCO in its activities in local communities and serves as a liaison with the leaders and residents of the communities.

     e. The Secretary records and distributes meeting discussions and votes; issues notices of meetings; distributes secret ballots; acts as a teller in secret ballots.

      f. The Board of Directors and the Senior CAMCO Advisor advise and assist CAMCO and its four officers regarding CAMCOs work in a general way and about specific activities and events.  The Board meets at least once every regular academic semester (twice a year).    

            g. The Webmaster and Newsletter Editor develop and publish high-quality products in a timely manner.   

            h. The CAMCOSO advisor guides CAMCO's student organization to reach successfully its goals within the context of the Texas State CAMCO’s mission.  

           i. The Council members serve as Texas State CAMCO Committee chairs or co-chairs; provide advice to and assist the officers in carrying out their duties, serve on committees, and undertake other duties that may arise. 

            j. Each committee of the Texas State CAMCO Council consists of volunteers who are committed to undertaking the particular task or activity. 

B. Meetings

1. The Texas State CAMCO Council meets on a regular and an as-needed basis at a place designated by the Chair.  The Secretary distributes notices, agendas, and reminders of meetings, via the direction of the Chair.    
2. Voting on motions and issues brought before the Council is by voice or show of hands, unless a vote by secret ballot is requested by a voting member. All Council member votes will be decided by a simple majority of a quorum.     

3. A quorum consists of a simple majority of the Council membership. Without a quorum, members present can discuss issues without formal voting.     

4. Council meetings are open to all interested parties and the public.     

5. The Council expects its members to attend regularly scheduled meetings.     

6. The Executive Committee meets when necessary to address important and timely issues.

C. Committees

Texas State CAMCO establishes committees as needed. Membership of these committees is open to any member of the Texas State CAMCO.

VII. Elections of Officers and Establishment of the Council

A. The four officers and the Board of Directors of the Texas State CAMCO Executive Committee are elected every two years during the May meeting of the organization.  New officers assume their positions at the first meeting on or after September 1.  Elections are conducted with a secret ballot.  The Texas State CAMCO membership votes as necessary to replace officers who are unable to complete their two-year terms. 

 B. The Texas State CAMCO Council is established at the first meeting in September as Texas State CAMCO members become committee chairs or co-chairs.  These committee chairs and co-chairs comprise the Texas State CAMCO Council with voting rights.

VIII. Website and Newsletter

A. Including the Council Chair, a voluntary three-member Website Committee maintains an attractive, informative, and timely Texas State CAMCO Website.  The Website Committee optimizes the Website to help reach the goals of the Texas State CAMCO.  The Webmaster is a Texas State CAMCO volunteer with high-level Website skills.

B. The quarterly Texas State CAMCO Newsletter is a digital document posted to the Website and includes the previous meeting minutes, highlights about award winners, announcements, articles, and other relevant information.  The Newsletter Editor(s) is a Texas State CAMCO voluntary position. 

IX. Awards

A. The Texas State CAMCO has five awards:  1) The Texas State CAMCO Outstanding Leadership Award, 2) The Texas State CAMCO Outstanding Campus Service Award, 3) The Texas State CAMCO Outstanding Community Service Award, 4) The Texas State CAMCO Outstanding Student Organization Service Award, and 5) The Texas State CAMCO Outstanding Support Award.

B. Other than the four Texas State CAMCO officers, the five-member Texas State CAMCO Awards Committee nominates the honorees for the five awards, and a majority vote of the Texas State CAMCO Council approves the nomination for each award for presentation at its September meeting.  The person so honored receives a plaque or similar symbol and her/his name is placed on the appropriate wall plaque that lists the honorees for each award.  These five wall plaques with the listing of honorees are located in an appropriate placed on the Texas State University-San Marcos campus.

X. Operating Budget

The Texas State CAMCO Chair is the account manager and leads in the fundraising efforts to accomplish the goals of the organization.

XI. Robert's Rules of Order 

As interpreted by the Chair and members present, a “relaxed” version of the Robert’s Rules of Order guide proceedings of business meetings.   

XII. Ratification and Amendment of Bylaws

These Bylaws take effect immediately after their approval by a majority of the Texas State CAMCO members. The Texas State CAMCO Council reviews the Bylaws every year. A majority of Texas State CAMCO Council members can approve an amendment. The Chair notifies the membership of approved amendments.